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Frequently Asked Questions

Q: How does B2G1 (Buy 2, Get 1 Free) work? 

A: We offer free shipping and buy 2 get 1 FREE on all items with (BUY 2 GET 1 FREE) in the title. Simply purchase 2 of the same kind of plants marked as buy 2 get 1 free and we will send you a 3rd portion free with your order. You must purchase on the same transaction.  

Q: How will my order ship? 

A: We ship USPS FIRST CLASS the majority of the time. If you would like to receive the plant sooner, you can opt for the USPS PRIORITY MAIL which would take a delivery time of 2-4 days. THIS WILL BE AT AN ADDITIONAL CHARGE TO YOU. You will get a tracking number, it is important you check this tracking number 2-3 times each day to see when the box will arrive at your home. Please make sure you are at home the day of the arrival or arrange for someone to be there to receive the plants/livestock and that they know how to properly care for the plants/livestock. The less time they spend in the box the better.

Q: How long is the processing/handling time? 

A: Your items will generally ship in 1-3 days, but in the case of any live aquatic/livestock; we usually ship Monday-Thursday and we reserve the right to hold any orders based on (i.e., holidays, inclement weather, etc.). 

Q: Are your H.Erectus wild or captive bred? 

A: Our seahorses are all captive breed onsite by Shore Aquatic, we are a licensed aquaculture facility in Florida. The H. Erectus are all captive bred, and are trained to eating frozen mysis at the time of purchase.

Q: What size tank do I need for Seahorses? 

A: The most common reccommendation for any of the larger species such as H. Erectus is 30 gallons per pair and 15 gallons for each additional pair of seahorse.  

Q: Do you guarantee live arrival on your plants and livestock?

A: Yes! We guarantee live arrival on all our livestock. In the rare event livestock shows up dead, we must be notified within 2 hours of delivery. Keep in mind these plants/livestock just took the journey of their lifetime in a dark box for 2-4 days so they will take time to recover and to be at their best again. Please take clear photos of the dead plant/livestock and send it to us within 2 hours of delivery.  Once the item is validated by us, we will send a replacement or refund. 

Q: Do your plants have snails?

A: We try not to have snails/pests, but it happens, we remove any visible imperfections before shipment however to be 100% certain we suggest that you either do a 1:20 ratio bleach to water dip and/or wash the plants. Anytime you add something new to an aquarium it is important to rinse it off before adding just to be safe.